It is 9.30 A.M. and you just discussed yesterday’s achievements and today’s objectives with the team. Now, you expect all employees to take matters into their own hands. If something goes wrong, they should adopt a proactive attitude. To do so, however, they need to know about any issues right away – which is not always easy, as reporting and business intelligence are often overnight processes. The thing is, if they don’t get relevant updates in a timely manner, they will have to solve today’s problems tomorrow. Basically, this means that they are forced to live in the past. And that is not what Lean Six Sigma is about.

Lean Six Sigma: new methodology, new responsibilities

Improving performance through a collaborative team effort that results in the systematic removal of waste and reduction of variation: that is Lean Six Sigma in a nutshell. The trick is to divide a process into small stages and eliminate waste along the way. Here’s what often happens in practice: managers receive feedback and updates in the form of reports while the employees involved are left in the dark. But if you decide to work with self-managing teams – a pillar of Lean Six Sigma – your methodology of choice comes with a new responsibility: you need to provide your employees with the right information.

Visual Management: indispensable

Imagine this: you walk past a flat screen in the workplace. You are in a hurry, but the information displayed is so applicable to your specific situation that you can’t help but notice it. It sticks with you, and when you sit down at your desk, you decide to do something with it. You decide to act.

This is how Visual Management works. It goes hand in hand with Lean Six Sigma, as it is an indispensable tool when completing the small stages that this methodology is based on. Whether your process involves invoicing, ERP, or a call center flow, connection is key. What we mean by this is that every system has a backend with data which should be edited and visualized for everyone: from management and departments to individuals.

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