Are you used to traditional cars? Then you’ll know that they use fossil fuels as a power source and that their wheels are mechanically controlled from one central position. That’s pretty much it. You know the system and your car glides along like a hitch. Right? Well, not exactly. Because as you’ve probably heard, these types of cars are quickly becoming outdated. Electric cars are the future. The reason is pretty obvious: their sensors detect performance and process it, and if necessary, the actuator is adjusted per wheel. Consequently, electric cars have embraced efficiency, providing an optimal experience in all respects.

Wheels on the work floor

Now, let’s draw an analogy with the average work floor. Traditional cars can be compared to central management that holds all information, which it uses to manage everything and everyone – that is, from one central place. Obviously, management will be indirect in many instances. This means a lot of energy will be wasted, as is the case with traditional cars. The thing is, the ‘wheels on the work floor’ – or, employees – need to get information in a more contemporary manner that fits current ways of working. How to go about it?

Visual Management: ‘running’ a well-oiled machine

You’ve traded your old gas guzzler for a state-of-the-art electric model, simply because you cannot stand inefficiency. So why wouldn’t you do the same when it comes to your company?

If you want to run your organization like a well-oiled machine – just like you’d rather drive an efficient car that adapts swiftly and easily where needed – you need to embrace Visual Management. This enables you to share information with employees in real-time using digital signage, allowing them to quickly adapt and achieve perfect efficiency. Things will take off and roll along the way you want them to!

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