Imagine you’re in a contact center. The phones are ringing non-stop and your agents are getting nervous, as they risk losing overview. How do you manage the bustle?

Suppose there’s a large digital screen that is clearly visible to everyone in the room. It contains a colored icon system that enables employees to see the current status of the contact center at a glance. Palm trees – symbols for peace and relaxation – in different colors indicate the status quo: red stands for phones ringing off the hook, yellow represents a mildly hectic time, and green means that employees can take a well-deserved break. Not only does this system allow agents to maintain an overview, it also unburdens the contact center manager. For example, employees who want to go home early will only bother to ask when the palm trees are green.

“Well that’s incredibly simple,” we hear you say. Perhaps you’re right. But there’s nothing wrong with that.

State the obvious? Yes, you should!

Are you afraid that contact center agents will be offended by such a self-explanatory system? Do you fear that they will think you’re treating them like children? Well, there’s no need to worry. You will likely achieve the opposite. Sometimes, it is necessary to state the obvious so you can show your employees that their valuable time is important to you. That you trust them. That you empower them to act more independently. You’re putting their work in their hands, allowing them to make their own decisions. Because with more responsibility comes more freedom. Your employees know this too, and they’ll thank you for trusting them.

From lean to better management

As we’ve shown with this example, simple Visual Management and digital signage can pave the way for fact- and effect-based decision-making, helping organizations work in a lean, efficient manner. So use it. Base your decisions on it. You will only benefit from it!

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