We’ve talked a bit about the value of simplifying things in our last blog. Whereas some organizations are afraid to offend their employees by presenting them with crisp-and-clear visualized information, other companies have embraced Visual Management to the fullest. Why? Because ultimately, they wish to increase sales while reducing cost and improving the overall customer experience. Who wouldn’t, really? It may seem like a mission impossible, but here’s the good news: it’s not. In fact, it’s quite – well, simple.


Make it plain, make it visual

The thing is, if you manage to deploy Visual Management effectively, it accomplishes several things at once. We’ll sketch two situations for you to explain this in more detail.

1. Quitting the questions

Internal company phones ringing and chats getting overloaded while a growing queue of waiting customers are losing their patience: it’s the average manager’s nightmare. But your employees will have to obtain their information somewhere, right? So they will need to consult with each other regularly. You believe this is the so-called collateral damage of a hectic day in the workplace. We can tell you right here, right now that you’re wrong. And that’s good news, because your working life can be so much easier. Visual Management ensures that your employees’ most burning questions are answered at a glance. Switch to digital signage and it will make a world of difference.

2. Carefree cashier

We’ve written about the advantages of digital signage in a movie theater. Basically, it means that customers get all the information they need while waiting in line, which greatly speeds up the sales process: a carefree cashier will worry less about answering questions and focus more on selling tickets. The movie theater manager’s decision to invest in Visual Management quickly pays off: customers have a better overall experience (which means they’re more likely to spend money on popcorn and beverages), sales go up, and expenses go down.

In short, effective Visual Management helps organizations improve on all fronts!

Would you like to work more efficiently, reduce complexity, lower cost, and increase sales through Visual Management? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to perform a Quick Scan and discuss your opportunities.