One of Holland’s major hotel chains used to serve children its trademark treat: traditional Dutch apple sauce, topped with a fire-red cherry. Of course, the apple sauce was delicious, but that single cherry did the trick. Time and again, it was the eye-catcher – the reason why children pulled their parents’ sleeves and asked for this particular dessert. They were drawn to it – first, because its visual appeal, and second, because of the quality of its taste.

In short, a restaurant may prepare the most appetizing dishes, but if they lack in presentation, they will not be memorable. It so happens that some senses are stronger than others: sight tends to prevail over taste buds.

Attracting an audience: make it small and catchy

The moral of the story is that you can show a lot of product, but you need something small and catchy to attract buyers. It doesn’t need to have a specific function; it should simply be memorable. Remember that many people who decided to take the apple sauce because of the cherry ultimately didn’t even eat the red eye-catcher! The point is, visualization is key if you want to become top of mind, establishing an appealing product that generates desire so people want to buy it. Only after that quality matters, as this is what will keep them coming back.

Pick a cherry, embrace Visual Management!

Now, if we compare the cherry to Visual Management, we see that they have something important in common: both extract and show the most relevant element of the whole. If we look at Texas Digital’s Visual Management solutions, it’s easy to discern Quickcom as the apple sauce and Vitalcast as the cherry. Whereas Quickcom is able to unlock and show a lot of information, Vitalcast provides a context-relevant, easy-on-the-eyes framework which makes one want to look at the content. It does so through branding, using organization-specific colors and conveying the company’s unique tone of voice. As a result, employees feel involved when looking at the screens, which ensures they embrace Visual Management!

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