In our last blog, we shared what makes us tick. Obviously, a ‘Why’ is always followed by a ‘How’ and ‘What.’ Therefore, we’d like to elaborate on those elements today. What is Texas Digital’s approach when helping customers achieve their organizational goals?

The ‘How:’ from information to presentation to motivation

Usually, we start with a business-oriented conversation or a compact business workshop. The central question is: What keeps you up at night? A recurring issue is that companies only learn about today’s problems tomorrow, as reports tend to be generated overnight or even later. If that’s the issue, we have a joint look at your systems and determine what type of information is crucial to have right away. In collaboration with the IT department, we figure out a way to get this data immediately.

Once we’ve disclosed technology, IT, and business, we enter into the next stage. Now that essential information is instantly available, how are we going to present it to the relevant teams? Dynamic Visual Management is the key to getting and keeping employees on board, ensuring that they’re both enthusiastic and up to date.

What we often see is that when employees excel, their satisfaction and motivation level rises – and with it, the importance of customer satisfaction is emphasized, too. At this point, we often sit down or have a compact creative workshop with the company in question to discuss how customer satisfaction can be enhanced. To this end, we need to sift out irrelevant information. This is what we like to call Targeted BI: step by step, the quality of the data presented improves, so you can serve your customers increasingly better. A few elements are important in this regard: feedback on what does and doesn’t work, a wish list containing potential data that you can share if the current selection isn’t fully efficient, and a dynamic environment that leaves enough room for adaption.

The ‘What:’ digital notification board

Briefly put, we aggregate, manage, and communicate. Once the process is up and running, we work with feedback to redefine certain aspects. Continuous improvement is key.

The central tool for achieving this is the digital notification board, which should contain information that is presented in such an appealing way that it motivates people. We provide this to our customers based on market-leading solutions such as QuickCom and VitalCast. This way, we ensure that organizations can reap all the benefits of Visual Management!

Want to see what Visual Management can do for your organization? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to perform a Quick Scan and discuss your Visual Management opportunities.