2018 is a special year for Texas Digital. On the 4th of July – that’s right, on Independence Day! – we celebrated our 15-year anniversary. The icing on the party cake: our brand-new, recently launched website. Let us take you on a quick trip down memory lane and provide a glimpse into the future, which we believe will be defined by one term: Visual Management.

Visual Management: new market for a different beast

The US division of Texas Digital dates back all the way to 1972, but the European branch has been established in 2003. In the past few years, we’ve gradually evolved in the direction of complete Visual Management solutions, including all related services. Although it has been quite the transition, it has borne fruit. With our fresh proposition, we have defined a new market in which we are main rather than sub contractors. Forget CRM systems. Visual Management is a different beast, and organizations are welcoming it with open arms.

Digital presence: entering adolescence

When you look at a child’s development, 15 is the age at which adolescence commences. Childhood is already in the past, adulthood still in the future. One thing is for sure: playtime is over. The same goes for Texas Digital. By now, we know exactly how to add value to organizations, and with a range of impressive clients under our belt, we continue to strengthen our position.

However, with a new market positioning comes another online presence. Texas Digital wants to provide knowledge and insights on the work floor in real time, so companies can address today’s problems today, not tomorrow. This philosophy requires a website that pertains to this day and age. Therefore, we fundamentally changed our website – and the result is here for you to see!

What’s next?

These days, we like to put on our sunglasses. Why? Because the future looks so bright! Visual Management matters – that’s what our clients emphasize time and again. With the increasing availability of Big Data, the importance of Targeted BI only grows. Companies that focus on commitment and engagement feel a strong need to only show important information, omitting irrelevant data to act faster and maintain an overview.

Do you want this, too? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to perform a Quick Scan and discuss your Visual Management opportunities.