Data seems to be multiplying, and it gets increasingly difficult to not lose sight of the overall picture. With the growing data forest, it is tempting to share all information available. But that’s a pitfall you should avoid. Because the more you overwhelm people with data, the bigger the chance you won’t get them on board with whatever you’re trying to achieve. They’ll get entangled in your complex web of data, and they won’t be able to discern what’s relevant to them. So how do you select and convey the right information?

Get the picture, get the message

Here’s the secret formula: if you get the picture, you get the message. And when you understand the message, you’ll know which actions to take. Therefore, all departments and employees within an organization require actionable information, knowledge, and insight.

Let us clarify this with an example. You’ve probably heard of the Net Promoter Score, an important KPI for customer satisfaction. A common approach is to ask customers to fill out an email form right after they’ve come into contact with the customer service department. It’s a perfect way to capture their experience while it’s still fresh on their minds. A good method, were it not that many organizations only get the results 1 to 2 weeks later. Here’s the problem: if last Wednesday’s NPS was low, it’s difficult to still determine why this was the case, and it’s nearly impossible to accurately act on it. It’s too late, and you’ve missed the mark.

From customer satisfaction to branding and bonding

Now, imagine the NPS is directly submitted to the relevant department, and your systems are updated every 30 minutes. This allows managers to adopt a hands-on approach on the work floor: they can provide employees with proper guidance and solve problems as they occur. You won’t have to wait 2 weeks to know what data have been relevant to your organization. You won’t even have to wait 1 day. You’ll know it right away!

How? With Visual Management, of course. And you don’t have to limit yourself to NPS-related data. For example, you can also show your sales employees where they stand in real time. If you want to add a little game element to it, sound a gong whenever a huge deal is concluded. It will encourage them to perform well and it will contribute to your branding – which, as you know, leads to bonding!

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