‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ You must have heard this old adage a million times, and Visual Management once again proves that it holds truth. When you just get started with Visual Management, you’re entering a territory you’ve yet to explore, and your employees still need to get used to it. Therefore, it’s paramount that you tread carefully.

Don’t run like the wind

You know those joggers who waste all their energy and breath in the first ten minutes? They’ll never become professional athletes. If you want to achieve long-lasting results, you should gradually work towards realizing your goals. The same goes for the introduction of Visual Management, which involves a variety of people, systems, and security measures. Our advice? Start small yet with maximum functionality. In other words, perform a proof of concept. This way, you can get the most out of Visual Management: you can eliminate the things that don’t work and expand your successes. After completing the process, you will have gained enough experience to accelerate. So take your time at the initial stages. Then, the rollout and scale up will be rapid and smooth.

From proof of concept to effective rollout

For a large technical helpdesk, we are currently performing a proof of concept. The company has invested in human resources, so they can initially set up one powerful screen that provides employees with the necessary information. It’s been quite a journey, and it has taken some time.

We encourage this approach. Because said organization eventually wants to roll out the Visual Management concept in Europe and the United States. At such a scale, it’s ever-more important to get things right at the start. How does everything work? How do you turn Big Data into small effective data using Targeted BI? We answer such questions by providing business workshops and proper guidance. But – you guessed it – the process takes time. And because our client is allowing that time, the next step is gradually coming into view: a successful and accelerated implementation of Visual Management across the organization!

Want to embrace Visual Management slowly and then accelerate effectively? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to perform a Quick Scan and discuss your Visual Management opportunities.