‘How can we improve our organization?’ It’s a question nearly all companies ask. The answer is simple: you need to provide employees with the right information, so they can act upon it swiftly. How to go about it?

Facilitating visualization on 3 levels

To be committed to their tasks, all employees must be aware of their contribution to the organization’s overall performance, so they know exactly what is expected from them. Through Visual Management – or, more specifically, KPI screens on the floor – you can involve the total population in achieving your targets. But only if you facilitate this visualization on 3 different levels:

  1. Help teams focus on the new working day by implementing day-start whiteboards for all teams.
  2. Broadcast progress on improvements through Deployment Matrices at all Gembas (locations where value is created).
  3. Engage staff in actuals versus targets by providing them with real-time information at all Gembas. This is what Texas Digital calls ‘Targeted BI’.

More committed and responsible employees

Experience on the B2C and B2B floors has shown that staff are better able to leverage their output through this approach. Is the number of calls on hold high? Then, employees can postpone breaks and speed up the work to facilitate the situation. The result: service levels are met more often and customer satisfaction isn’t negatively impacted.

Briefly put, you can broadcast ad-hoc business messages relating to a specific situation at a specific moment quickly, easily, and in a uniform manner. This ensures fast, consistent, and reliable communication to the floor.

Now, why would you invest in such an approach? Most importantly, it makes your staff feel more involved. When they see the target(s) they can influence, they’ll take responsibility. Also, they’ll like their jobs better, which often leads to a significant decrease in absence levels. In other words, your organization will benefit at all levels!

Want to better involve and inform your employees through Targeted BI and Visual Management? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to perform a Quick Scan and discuss your Visual Management opportunities.