Want to make your contact center agents perform better? Start by providing them with the right information. To do so, you’ll need to distinguish between information agents can and can’t influence. Now, we don’t want to get all Shakespearean, but – To share or not to share: that is the question. Allow us to give you a push in the right direction!

Your keyword: ‘actionable’

Let’s start with a piece of information that’s useful to agents. If you’ve adopted a ‘first-time right’ approach, you can share percentages with your agents. This way, they can see whether they’re on track or if they need to work harder to meet the preset target. In other words, this is actionable information for them.

Your cost-per-call figures, however, might be less suitable to share. These are the total operation costs divided by the total number of calls over a certain period of time. Of course, it’s great for management to stay abreast of this type of data. But agents can’t really do anything with the fact that a customer has called them twice about the same topic while in theory, one call would have sufficed (and thus would have been better budget-wise). They mainly concern themselves with customer satisfaction, and they can’t risk bringing it down by forcing the customer to handle a request in one call.

Calculating and (not) sharing satisfaction rates

How about those customer satisfaction figures, then? Actually, these are perfectly suitable for sharing. After all, agents need to know whether customers are satisfied with the service they provide.

Agent satisfaction statistics, on the other hand, are the result of questionnaires agents have completed. So what’s the use in showing them how motivated they are as a group? Some have given their jobs a high rating, others a low one – but neither will recognize themselves in the average outcome. So why make them feel bad? Again, this information is only useful for management.

Visual Management: show the right information to the right people!

Here’s your rule of thumb: only show people data they can use to improve their performance, and withhold statistics that will bring down their enthusiasm. Visual Management can help you coordinate your information sharing efforts. Want to know how? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to perform a Quick Scan and discuss your Visual Management opportunities.