Chatbots: whether you love or hate them, they are increasingly part of our society. Organizations everywhere have implemented them to relieve customer service departments of a common burden: answering simple, repetitive questions that require straightforward answers.

Great, but chatbots still have their limitations. When things get really messy, people like to communicate with – you guessed it – people. It’s the flesh-and-blood thing that does the trick. Because let’s face it: getting reassurance from another human being is still quite unbeatable. This, however, places new demands on employees and requires a different approach on the work floor.

What you need: inventive employees, perfect customer experience

Robot Process Automation (RPA) has an average 28% hit rate. In other words, you’re far from done dealing with people! Usually, customers end up talking or live chatting with a contact center employee when their request is too complex for a chatbot. Therefore, employees often need to solve issues that are neither standard nor unique. This means they should be inventive and make independent decisions at a high level.

The customer’s experience should be perfect at this point. After all, they’re dealing with a unique situation that’s inevitably serious in nature (otherwise, the chatbot could have solved it!), so the employee’s attitude and resourcefulness will make all the difference – no matter what type of customer you’re dealing with. Millennials and elderly people alike will expect a seamless experience. So, the key is to ensure your employees are both skilled and well informed. How to go about it?

Utilize robotization: chatbots do more than answering calls!

Here’s the thing about chatbots: besides automating calls, they’re able to pass on information about questions they can’t answer. An invaluable trait, because it allows you to optimize Visual Management. If you extract this information from the chatbot’s system and communicate it to your employees through Visual Management – showing only concise data that’s truly relevant to them at that time – you’ll provide them with actionable knowledge and insights: they’ll stay abreast of current issues, so they can properly prepare themselves for questions that will soon start rolling in. The result: a tangible efficiency boost and a great customer experience!

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