Remember the days when it snowed on those good old analog TVs we’ve come to call ancient? Well, there’s an interesting analogy between analog TV snow (pun intended) and Visual Management. Curious? Read on!

Snow versus video: a little data conundrum

One day, when I was still in school, an engineer dropped by and showed us two images: snow on a TV screen and a properly shot video. Then he asked which of these contained the most information. “The video,” the class cried in unison. “Wrong,” he said with a smile. It turned out the snow image was comprised of much more data. So why didn’t we see that? Well, it’s quite simple: there was no context. The video, on the other hand, was a coherent whole, which is why it registered. See, the snow image’s technical information was abundant, but it was also conveyed in the worst possible way, whereas the video’s carefully selected data made a lasting impression.

Takeaway: be lean and mean!

The moral of the story? Be lean and mean. Organizations increasingly deal with oceans of data, which means it’s all the more important to filter information that’s truly essential. And if you turn it into a coherent whole which you communicate in an appealing way, it registers. I’ve come across the less-is-more motto in the age of analog TVs, but it might be even more relevant in today’s digital world.

The point is, you need to consider your abundance of data carefully so as to decide what information is truly worth sharing. And don’t forget to select your ‘audience.’ Ask yourself who needs to know what. Spoiler: the answer will differ per team!

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