A billboard is a giant ad with a straightforward message. Is it possible to miss the mark with something so seemingly simple? Well, of course it is. A billboard needs to capture drivers’ attention and communicate a message in a snap. After all, drivers have other things to do than study ads that flash by. They need to know the ‘what’ and ‘how’ (like dates and locations) right away. On top of that, the ad should stand out among all the other ones that line the road. And usually, the brand needs to be recognizable – through a logo, for example.

As you can see in the above picture, some companies utterly fail when putting together a billboard: they cram as much information into it as possible, which only creates confusion. Others get it right: they’ve mastered the art of ‘less is more.’

Getting the point right away: how to reach your target group

You know what it’s like – that feeling when you sit behind the wheel, forcing yourself to keep your eyes on the road. On your left and right, billboards seem to shoot up like mushrooms. You feel an urge to look up because you want to know what they’re about. So in a safe moment, you steal a glance at them, hoping to get the point right away. Sometimes, when a neatly summarized core message pops out like a hologram, you do. Other times, you’re disappointed because you can’t make head or tail of the maze of colors and letters and images screaming in your face.

Recognize this? Great. Because when using Visual Management, you want to be among those who create the first type of billboards – you know, the successful ones that reach their target group.

The more trimmed down, the bigger the impact

Visual Management is useful if it offers employees at-a-glance, actionable information. The trick is to really trim down a wealth of data to communicate only those things that are relevant to people on the work floor. You also want to do it in a visually appealing way, so you’ll capture their attention. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to create a sense of belonging: with the right use of brand-related colors and images, employees will feel part of your company each time they look up. How’s that for an engagement boost?

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