If you want to deploy Visual Management to improve performance in your organization, you’ll need three ingredients. First, an improvement board. Second, a performance board. Third, Lean Six Sigma. Are you reeling a bit with all these terms being fired at you? Well, take a moment to read our blog, and we’ll explain them all.

Improve and perform at full speed!

First things first: let’s discuss Lean Six Sigma. The idea here is that employees connect with the (results of) their tasks and the quality thereof in the primary process, so they can improve. The go-to means to this end: an improvement board, which you can use during daily morning sessions to discuss what’s working and what could be improved. If all employees participate actively in these sessions – by being critical and sharing ideas – this process will result in short-cycle improvement actions.

Basically, the improvement board is the organization’s thermometer. It indicates where you stand and what you want to achieve. But what happens once employees spread over the work floor and take on their respective tasks? How can you keep them in the loop regarding their performance during the day?

Enter the performance board, which supports continuous improvement by showing exactly those things employees need to know – actionable data that indicates how they’re doing in real time. This enables them to double down on an approach that’s working and adjust a method that isn’t. The result: a productivity boost and more motivated employees. Furthermore, you’ll avoid many potential issues simply because you can intervene in a timely manner. And, as you know, prevention is better than the cure!

Real time, relevant, actionable: check the boxes

A final note: to make all this work, you need a real-time performance board which only shows employees relevant, actionable information. Curious to learn how this works in practice? Read how our client Cygnific has gone about the improvement board, the performance board, and Lean Six Sigma.

Want to explore what information your boards should contain? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to perform a Quick Scan and discuss your Visual Management opportunities.