Let’s talk safety for a bit. Of course, it’s a factor that should never be overlooked, regardless of the sector you operate in. But in the manufacturing industry, it’s crucial. Usually expressed in (lost-time injuries (LTI) and lost-time injury frequency rate ( LTIFR ), it’s an important indicator of how safe and people-oriented an organization really is. The question is, do you communicate your company’s safety level to employees and visitors in a clear, transparent way?

‘Real time’ is the way to go

Suppose an employee ‘in the field’ reports the environment isn’t safe. The traditional route tends to fall short off the mark: before you know it, two months have passed, and the issue hasn’t yet been solved, causing the employee to escalate the problem. In this day and age, that’s as detrimental as it is unnecessary. Because there is a fairly easy way to speed up the process. In fact, you can act on issues in real time. How? Through Visual Management.

Show, don’t tell

Just imagine a big screen at the entrance or on the work floor, indicating the current safety level – including the number of pending reports on potentially dangerous situations. It achieves several things at once: everyone who casts a glance at the screen knows the status quo, people are triggered to constantly work on safety issues, and problems are solved faster and more accurately. You’ll show employees and visitors that you take safety very seriously, and you’ll do so in a topical, visually appealing, and low-maintenance manner!

Time to ramp up your safety level

Want to communicate safety matters in a visual way? Let’s explore your Visual Management opportunities. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to perform a Quick Scan and discuss your safety communication strategy.