Pretty much every (self-respecting) organization has a sales department. And let’s be honest: sometimes, it’s a hodgepodge of emotions. Laughter, frustration, cheers, tears: it’s all part of a regular weekday. Have you ever thought of aligning Visual Management with your sales team’s current state?

Chewing on candy and broccoli: life in the sales department

Your salespeople know the sweet taste of success. And boy, do they relish that candy flavor whenever they close a deal. But life in the sales department isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Everybody has to eat their broccoli, too. There are inevitable setbacks: from lost sales to flat-out mistakes. And you know what? None of them should be brushed aside. Because you’ll only learn and make progress when you know what is and isn’t working.

A sales team’s road to achieving targets is paved with successes and failures, and both should be a positive experience. But how do you make your ambitious sales tigers smile and learn something the moment they don’t close that much-coveted deal?

When to spit fire and boogie like a pro: an image for every moment

A call comes in, but the prospect hangs up before your salespeople can answer the phone. Or it turns out targets aren’t being met, and employees need to step up their game. Who can possibly be the funny yet effective bearer of bad news? Enter animated GIFs: a bawling mini-guy or fire-spitting little gal on your performance board. They’ll instantly draw attention. People will know the status quo at a single glance, and the amusing image will make them laugh – which, in turn, means they’ll be more open to improving their performance.

Incidentally, you shouldn’t limit yourself to failures. When targets are met, why not show fireworks? Or an animated figure that boogies like a pro? You’ll sure capture your salespeople’s attention – after all, the human brain is most affected by filtered visual messages. And you’ll want to let them know when they book success, as it will boost their motivation. On top of that, don’t you think your hardworking salespeople deserve some musical chairs-like fun after meeting a target?

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