We often hear the term ‘wallboard.’ We’re no nitpickers, but that’s really not okay. Because if you’re talking about wallboards, you’re living in the past. Not a good place to be if you want to move forward. What to do? Embrace the performance board. It helps you thrive in the present and propel your organization into the future.

Time to change your mindset

Here’s the thing: the word ‘wallboard’ comes with a mindset. It has a myriad of implications, the most important being that the screen on the work floor is static. You’re constantly blurting out information in a one-sided way, which doesn’t exactly spur employees to be decisive, innovative, and hands on.

Think about it. What does an SLA stat tell you if you’re unable to show how happy customers are with you right now? The other day, I walked into a call center whose SLA looked pretty good. On the surface, that is. Because the department in question didn’t display its current internal performance on the wallboard.

Unlike a performance board, a wallboard can’t connect to systems that provide a much more balanced, realistic picture of the ever-changing status quo. And the latter is crucial if you want employees to step up their game and improve their performance now rather than after the fact.

Navigate into the future with a performance board

A performance board enables you to present several data sources. You can use it to show up-to-date information and help employees anticipate on future developments. That’s always useful, even if SLAs are completely irrelevant to you. Why? Back to the call center: just imagine what happens when you show agents current queues. It’s actionable information that helps them decide when to handle customer requests swiftly and when to go the extra mile and work on increasing the customer satisfaction level.

You won’t achieve such goals with an old-fashioned wallboard. So ditch it, let bygones be bygones, and navigate into the future with a performance board!

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