A crisis is rippling through the world, and it’s palpable across industries. For example, the EU has asked Netflix to take it down a notch, after which Netflix announced it would reduce streaming speeds in Europe for 30 days to help ease internet congestion. At Texas Digital, we’ve seen a shift in needs as well: some of our clients in the US and Europe had to set up a remote-working environment for hundreds or even thousands of call center agents in a trice, so they asked us to think along. How to save bandwidth in these trying times, which require everyone to act in a swift, flexible manner?

Bandwidth, be gone! Introducing the web dashboarding application

Now that most people are forced to work from home, companies should provide their employees with the right information. The problem is, most opt for bandwidth-heavy applications that are difficult to implement and use. Not a great choice when you’re trying to set up a remote-working environment for thousands of people.

And yet you need a solution. Because when people aren’t in the same building, it’s ever-more important for them to keep abreast of the latest information. Providing them with up-to-date, relevant data is an absolute must. The question is, what to do?

It’s exactly what our US- and Europe-based clients asked us. So we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. How? By enriching our web dashboarding application. Our efforts bore fruit: within two weeks, we improved the quality of the application, which can now be installed on a separate server while connecting to the original server.

Web dashboarding application in practice: how does it work?

Think of all the topical information you usually share in an on-premise environment. What if you could provide your home-based employees with this exact data through an intranet system? They’d only require an internet connection and access to your company environment (which they already have).

Does something like that exist? Well, sure it does. We have created an environment in which you can aggregate and manage information, communicating it to the on-premise environment and copying it to a different server. Simple like that. It’s easy to set up, it works like a breeze, and you’ll save bandwidth (big time)!

Want to explore your remote-working opportunities? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to perform a Quick Scan and discuss your information sharing strategy.