Temperatures are rising, birds chirp their hearts out, and color is returning to the landscape. Spring is in the air. And it sure is a spring of sorts: the majority of people work from home, so working days look different. You need to organize a lot, but with commuting time no longer consuming your hours, you might also have more time on your hands. Want to use it efficiently? Embrace that good old spring cleaning. Make a clean sweep of those clogged up systems to save money and lay a foundation for virtual Visual Management. Both couldn’t be more relevant now – in the thick of a crisis, you need to get your act together.

Where the shoe pinches: old configurations

You know what we often encounter when working with clients? Old system configurations. They’re crammed with obsolete, irrelevant stuff the organization stopped needing a long time ago. But let’s face it: cleaning is rarely a person’s favorite task, so it’s usually low on their priority list. But, as all procrastinators know, the consequences will ultimately hit you where it hurts most: your efficiency will decrease.

The thing is, old configurations are a burden to your system, so they’ll slow down your processes. Adding power to them is a stopgap solution, because if you continue down the same road, it won’t take long for your systems to get clogged up again. See the vicious cycle you should avoid? Good. Then let’s have a look at what you should do.

Get your cleaning done: back to crisp and clean

Time to draw up an inventory. Are you paying support fees for links you no longer use? Are your current links relevant? For example, do you actually use that high-priced link to your CRM system? Decide what you really need and get rid of the rest. Not only will you save costs, you’ll also be more prepared for Visual Management. For to implement the latter, you’ll need to handpick and extract the data you want to visualize from your systems. And logic dictates that’s a lot easier when your systems are crisp and clean!

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