The time has come to make borders disappear! Texas Digital Systems Europe (TDSE) is the exclusive, longstanding partner of NCR/Texas Digital Systems for QuickCOM and Vitalcast in Europe. This is, for example, evident from the fact that TDSE was granted further QuickCOM software development rights five years ago. Now, the two partners have doubled down on their partnership: in addition to our global distribution and sales rights, TDSE has assumed NCR’s contractual obligations to existing QuickCOM customers in the US and rest of world. Upon expiration of their current maintenance agreements with NCR/Texas Digital Systems, customers in the US and beyond will enter into new agreements with TDSE so they can continue to receive solution support. Until that time, we will provide QuickCOM support in a subcontracting role. It’s an endeavor across the pond – without the need to actually cross it. What’s the European added value TDSE will bring to the (transatlantic) table?

Building from a rock-solid foundation

Many organizations work with technology that could use some upgrading, and most are not even aware of it. This means they lack a rock-solid foundation and all the benefits that come with it. Therefore, TDSE has adopted a ‘first-things-first’ approach: we start by helping customers build this foundation. After that, we jointly look at processes and make improvements where applicable. Once we’ve completed the technology refresh, it is time to answer the million-dollar question: how can we take the business to the next level? Visual Management is an invaluable asset in this regard. That’s where our digital signage solutions come into play.

TDSE’s philosophy is to stay close to our customers, understand their challenges, and deliver a solution that meets their needs at the pace their business requires.

It’s an approach that’s much appreciated by our brand-new US customers. They consider the switch from an existing to a new platform (which provides the latest updates) to be refreshing. And they enjoy additional benefits: our QuickCOM solution is being further developed in Europe (the Netherlands), and security is at the heart of these efforts.

QuickCOM and/or Vitalcast: TDSE at your service

If you solely use QuickCOM, TDSE is here for you. But you can also rely on us if you’re a QuickCOM and Vitalcast user. And of course, we will continue to be a Vitalcast reseller – just like we have been in the past fifteen years. More on that in our next blog!

Want to reap the benefits of working with TDSE? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to perform a Quick Scan and discuss your Visual Management opportunities.