When I was in college, I worked at a flower shop. I prepared bouquets, kept the store tidy, and sold flowers to customers. My experience was very different from that of my friend, who had a student job at the nearby baker’s shop. She told me about grumpy people who waited in line to buy bread, a daily necessity. The flower shop wasn’t like that at all. Bouquets are not a life-and-death matter. But people buy them anyway. Why? Well, let me share two important lessons I learned selling flowers. I’ve used them throughout my career, helping organizations increase customer and employee satisfaction.

From flower shop to contact center

First, let’s consider the visual aspect. When people walk into a flower shop, they’re greeted by a myriad of colors. They usually arrive at the counter wearing a smile on their face. So, presentation matters. In fact, colors matter. In terms of Visual Management, this means you should think about the way in which you present information to employees. Take branding into account and be sure to filter the data you share. For if you want your message to land with employees, you need to share it in the right way. That’s more important than you think.

Here’s why. Once you communicate with customers, it’s paramount that they keep smiling. Personal conversations are key. If employees are genuinely interested in customers, they’ll build and increase customer loyalty. And remember, happy customers are returning customers. Now, I realize it seems easier said than done. Your customer contact center is not a flower shop – there are no face-to-face conversations, and your employees have calls to handle and targets to meet. So, what do you need to make it work? Actionable, real-time information. If, for example, employees know it’s not that busy, they can take more time to listen to a customer’s personal story and provide them with tailored advice.

The thing is, contact center agents require this information so they can act on it. Enter Visual Management. By visualizing important data in real time, you’re empowering employees to make these decisions independently. They’ll go the extra mile whenever they can, optimizing their time and increasing customer loyalty!

Ready to double down on customer and employee satisfaction?

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