Is your product or service a necessity of life? If not, you need to go out of your way to build customer and employee loyalty. These two groups of people form the glue that holds your organization together. So, you better make sure it’s superglue.

It’s not just about the books

Books aren’t a matter of life and death – (most) people can live without them. And today, true bookworms tend to revert to the internet to satiate their hunger for the written word. That’s why Riemer & Walinga, a world-famous bookstore in the Dutch city of Ermelo, has its own way of going about things. When it comes to customer service, the bookstore has adopted a highly personal approach. Since 1945, it operates under one motto: “First, we serve. The earning will follow naturally.”

Wonder what you can learn from a bookstore in a small city in the Netherlands? Well, you need to put people over money. It will pay off in the long term. So, prioritize serving your staff and customers.

Lessons from a bookstore

Where to start? If you take good care of your employees, they’ll take good care of your customers – which, in turn, will result in high(er) invoices. That’s why you should communicate all actionable, real-time information to your staff. If, for example, they know the customer service center isn’t too busy, they can pay more attention to customers and go the extra mile for them.

Visual Management can help you achieve this. At Texas Digital, we make sure our clients can share important information with their employees in a practical, visually appealing way. We’re at hand, hands on, and striking. And we, too, put people first: serving our employees and customers is paramount to us!

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