You know those horseback riders who use their spurs to urge the horse forward? They want to be in full control of the animal, and they do not shrink from using force to achieve their goal. Traditional project managers are the horseback riders of the office: they want to be in charge of everything. All the time. But you know what? In today’s world of remote working, they’ll fall off the horse. Holding sway over your employees is no longer the way to go about it. Empowering and trusting them is your strategy to success.

Talent is your biggest asset

When the pandemic hit, companies around the world frantically looked for ways to facilitate remote working for their employees. And now that people continue to complete tasks from their home offices, it turns out they’re much more productive and happy. There’s no way around it: remote working is here to stay, and it requires a new type of leadership style. Talent is your biggest asset, so you need to help them perform at their best.

Accelerate in the right way!

Imagine you’re in a car, driving uphill. If you take a sharp turn and hit the brakes hard, things won’t end well. You need to accelerate in the right way, so you won’t have to hit the brakes at all. The thing is, leadership is about steering people rather than slowing them down — especially when they work remotely. You can’t keep an eye on their every move, so you have to equip them with actionable, real-time information that enables them to make well-considered decisions independently. If you give them the right tools, you don’t have to hold the reins tightly: your employees will hit the gas and speed away on their own!

Ready to drive uphill?

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