If reports come in too late, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to solve today’s problems. It’s a predicament many contact centers struggle with. But what if actionable, real-time data can help you improve today so you’ll perform better tomorrow? It’s exactly what performance boards and a well thought-out information sharing strategy have done for APG, the largest pension provider in the Netherlands. Here, the customer contact center has turned into an information hub that several departments have come to rely on.

Reliable, easy-to-understand source of information

In the past ten years or so, APG has worked with Texas Digital’s performance boards, which hang across the customer contact center. These offer real-time information on customer satisfaction and the NPS, among other things. Not only does this contribute to employees’ commitment, it also results in substantiated discussions about what caused the numbers to be this way.

Understanding the information provided through performance boards is a breeze because of the way in which colors are used. Other departments have noticed this, too. Management and marketing people regularly visit the contact center — for example, when the media reports on pensions, and they want to know how participants react to that. It used to take a lot of time to gather and share such information, but this process has now been automated in a continuous, near real-time manner. As a result, the customer contact center is considered to be a fast, reliable source of information on what’s going on among participants. If employees want to know the organization’s market position, all they need to do is study the screen for a few minutes.

Performing better today

As performance boards provide important information in real time, agents can take action and improve right away. And the customer contact center’s self-organizing teams show up to day starts fully prepared: they discuss what happened yesterday and how they can perform better today!

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