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At Texas Digital, we aim to contribute to people’s success and happiness. We believe in entrepreneurship and autonomy at all levels: if

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you give people responsibility, they will gladly take it. Superiors who steer rather than control will have highly driven, hands-on employees.

But to make independent decisions, people need the right information at the right time. Technology is the way to provide them with this type of information. It’s a means to an end.

We anticipate the workings of the human brain and use tried-and-true ways to activate it. For the more technology supports people, the more it enables them to excel at their jobs — and the happier they’ll be. Well-informed employees collaborate smoothly, perform well, and are happier human beings. They feel good about themselves. This, in turn, will lead them to provide customers with the best possible service.

Enabling people to take well-informed action

We provide people with actionable knowledge and real-time insights so they can take independent, well-informed action. This way, we help organizations optimize teamwork and improve processes. Even if employees work from anywhere, our approach creates shared insights that make for a great team effort and spirit.

To achieve our objectives, we measure intelligent, contextual information and show it to people in real time. Short-cycle data is paramount, as it will help them solve problems as they occur — not after the fact.

What’s also crucial is unambiguity: we deploy technology to present the truth in a clear-cut way and reveal any gaps in processes. By sharing this kind of information, we enable people to join forces, close the gaps, and improve performance at an individual and corporate level.

Aggregating, managing, and visualizing data

A picture says more than a thousand words. But only if it is the right picture. Texas Digital provides Visual Management solutions that allow people to use technology in an intuitive way. We make sure they are presented with the right data at the right time. How?

We aggregate data from a variety of sources, manage it, and communicate it to employees in a visually appealing way. Our performance boards and individual desktops provide people with actionable, real-time information.

The results: highly motivated employees, an increased productivity level, and improved customer service. Not only will these things lead to a healthier business, you will also benefit from happier employees and customers.

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