Wall displays exist for employees, not for managers

At Cygnific – the contact center that serves Air France KLM’s customers, among many other things – real-time information provision is part of the transition to a Lean Six Sigma organization. In this context, Cygnific considers both customer-related and process-related information. Wall displays exist for employees, not for managers.


New skills required for processing information

In the past few decades, our world has become much more complex, but our brain hasn’t evolved during all these years. If you’re an employee or a manager, how can you deal with the increasing amount of (visual) information? And how do you convert the right information into knowledge and insight?

Cornelis Bonnet

A lean organization makes decisions on the work floor

If you want high-quality customer contact professionals to do what they’re good at, you should provide them with relevant information that gives context and direction. That goes beyond the agent desktop with customer data or KPIs such as AHT or a personal NPS.