If you can grow a perfect flower, you can help employees thrive

Love a flower in full bloom? Chances are it was grown in the right soil. The thing is, each flower is different. You can’t create one bedding and expect roses, anemones, and tulips to blossom collectively. Each flower requires specific conditions, and it pays off to have a closer look at them. Why? If you can grow a beautiful flower, you can also help employees thrive.

The perfect bedding

I have always liked flowers. And I know a thing or two about them. When I was in college, I worked at a flower shop, where I learned some important lessons about increasing customer and employee satisfaction. Moonlighting at the shop also taught me something about growing beautiful flowers. I’ll spare you the do’s and don’ts of fertilizers and artificial products and skip to the essential part: if you want to grow the perfect flower, you should allow it to bloom. How? By creating the perfect bedding.

But here’s the predicament: what’s perfect for one flower won’t suffice for the other. Each flower needs individual attention — and a solid foundation that is tailored to its needs.

A cohesive bouquet

People are like flowers. If you want your employees to thrive, you’ll need to consider their individual needs. For example, a sales employee and a customer service agent require different information. Provide each with customized, actionable data, and you’ll empower them to make decisions independently.

Remember that the ecosystem of your organization is unique. If you communicate the right information to the right people at the right time, you’ll nurture the community and help it blossom. Your employees will be a cohesive bouquet of flowers that function individually and as a group!

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