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The problem

In recent years, plane tickets have become commonplace for consumers. You can buy them anywhere. So far, so good. However, plenty of things can go wrong in the aviation sector. In such cases, passengers will want to talk to a real person. Think of e.g. delayed or cancelled flights, volcanic eruptions, atmospheric disturbances, unexpected weather, and other natural phenomena. If there are any problems, consumers are quick to grab their phones in a panic. Whichever airline or booking organisation treats the client best can expect to receive the consumer’s “love” and loyalty in the future.

The solution

Texas Digital’s systems make problems insightful. They ensure clients are informed about the current state of affairs: how long they have to wait, the availability of airplanes or hotels, and the up-to-date status of the problem at hand. Using information displays in your organisation or at the airport, we relay relevant information to passengers. This results in increased customer loyalty and will give your image a boost. In this manner, Texas Digital turns a disadvantage into a clear advantage.


We make your systems accessible and translate data into easy-to-understand information quickly and in real time using QuickCOM and VitalCAST. You, your personnel, and your passengers will receive up-to-date information. With the right knowledge and insights, no one is left in the dark.

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