Logistics and Distribution

Logistics and distribution. The Cruyff method

The problem

“If you are late, you have to make sure to leave on time,” is a famous expression by the Dutch football player Johan Cruyff. This certainly applies to the transport and logistics sector. Leaving on time with a truck carrying as many goods as possible and arriving on time is – simply put – the sector’s core business. Pulling that off requires a lot of organisational talent. This is where Texas Digital comes in. Our system translates the available information into efficient actions in the warehouse or depot, where order pickers can do their work without hiccups. Problems in the supply chain are avoided. Trucks are loaded to capacity and leave and arrive right on time.

The solution

Texas Digital visualises the available information on the supply chain’s critical path and translates it into easy-to-understand insights that are shown on clearly visible, dynamic, and interpretable displays. On the work floor at the dock shelters, personnel can see from far off if schedules and targets are being met: from load volumes to departure times and everything in between. This is a dynamic process that is extracted from numerical data. We create the concrete pathways that represent the shortest, easiest, smartest, or most logical road to the goal – not just down on “the floor”, but also for management teams. We do all of this accurately and in real time, of course.


The QuickCOM software is the ideal solution for both regular and ad-hoc schedules. It offers insight into timelines and conditions from the time that the first order is picked until the truck’s doors close. All hubs and depots are included in the overview. In the words of Cruyff, “you don’t see it until you understand it.” Texas Digital provides up-to-date and accurate insight into your logistical processes and distribution.

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