3 Visual Management lessons from the grocery store

On fruits, vegetables, and Visual Management: 3 lessons from the grocery store

Did you know that in the right context, fruits and vegetables can be visualized data? I didn’t, either. But a recent trip to the grocery store turned into an empowering visual experience. The results: a data-based choice, a healthy beverage, and three invaluable Visual Management lessons.

Actionable data = blink-of-an-eye decision

The other day, I was at the grocery store when the large table in the picture above caught my eye. Sampling products is nothing new, but this was something else. It was organized, clear, and colorful. If I’d just been presented with three different juice bottles, I wouldn’t have known what was in them, right? I would’ve had to pick up each bottle, read the labels, and compare ingredients. Call me (and virtually the rest of humanity) impatient, but that’s a pretty time-consuming task when I’m on a quick errand run.

And you know what? This brand’s marketers probably knew that. So they simply showed us — shoppers in a rush — which fruits and vegetables were in each bottle. It worked. In the blink of an eye, I picked the bottle that suited me: the one that didn’t contain cucumber (which I don’t like) but would give me my daily ‘apple shot’ (which I always crave). And since I was able to make an informed decision, I picked well. The drink was good. Really good.

What can colorful 3-D data teach us?

What’s this got to do with Visual Management? Everything.

The fruits and vegetables on the table were a visual representation of the data involved. They provided at-a-glance, actionable information about what was in those bottles, empowering me to make the right choice.

Moreover, the right data was presented to me at the right time. The grocery store is of course the right environment to promote this product, and the simple visual display of colorful 3-D ‘data’ (which greatly helps the human eye and brain) allowed me to quickly act and pick a bottle. Mission accomplished. After all, the whole purpose of the table is to have me sample the products.

Finally, this presentation contributed to the brand experience. By showing us fresh ingredients, the company told us these juices were very authentic and healthy. I felt happy, alive, and connected to the brand. So, chances of me forgetting this brand and its juices are slim.

From grocery store to work floor

On the work floor, you will want to create a similar experience. A well-thought-out Visual Management strategy helps provide employees with the right data — at the right time — in the right way.

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