On time and context: what my grandmother's cuckoo clock can teach us

On time and context: what my grandmother’s cuckoo clock can teach us

Like many people, I have warm early-childhood memories of my grandmother. One that stands out – and, quite literally, pops into my head time and again – is that of her cuckoo clock. As if by magic, the little bird used to spring out unexpectedly, squeaking its name. But the biggest miracle was my grandmother, who sat next to me and predicted when the mesmerizing moment would arrive. And guess what? She was right every time! As a little boy, I didn’t understand her excellent prophetic abilities. But now, years later, I do.

Unraveling the trick

Of course, my grandmother was familiar with the clock’s moving parts: the arms that showed the hours at which the tiny cuckoo would do its trick. In other words, she understood the context, which allowed her to accurately anticipate the action that would follow. It’s precisely this action – along with the color of the wallpaper behind the clock – which is engraved in my memory.

Once I fully grasped the concept of time, I got actively involved in supporting contact center communities across the globe. But even though it evoked great memories, there was one thing that kept bothering me: the repeated use of the term ‘wallboard.’

The leader board: a call center’s very own cuckoo clock

Every one of my numerous contact center visits prompted the memory of my grandmother’s place. There, too, time plays a major role, and context is paramount if you want to anticipate any next step. Yet to my frustration, the latter was missing time and again. Sure, information about average call handling is shared on so-called wallboards. But – newsflash – that’s not context. What people on the floor need is data related to the customer’s experience, so they can independently make well-informed decisions.

As for the wallpaper, I preferred my self-chosen Donald Duck creatures in my boy’s room. And I haven’t changed a bit: these days, I like company identity-branded leader boards.

That’s why at Texas Digital, we’ve tossed the word ‘wallboard’ out the window. Instead, we like to talk about leader boards. Why? Simple: a leader board contains extremely relevant (or, leading) information. To refer to my beloved grandmother’s (not-so-magical) cuckoo clock, it allows you to ‘tell time’ within the right context!

Want to know what a leader board can do for your organization? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to perform a Quick Scan and discuss your Visual Management opportunities.

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