Many processes have gaps that are unnecessary because they are influenceable. Our goal: to disclose the right data sources, so employees have actionable, real-time information they can use to eliminate these gaps. We present them with the right data at the right time — in a visually appealing way. That is how we empower them.

Main solution

We make real-time data visually available, providing the right information and context — anywhere, anytime. How? By displaying actionable knowledge and insights, which we collect from a variety of data sources. This is Visual Management in a nutshell. It helps people discern and eliminate gaps in processes that can be influenced based on a single shared truth, which can always be accessed by employees — both in the office and at home.


quick com

Communication and performance boards

To improve employees’ performance and commitment, we make sure they always have access to real-time, actionable information. In the office, we provide communication and performance boards that display relevant, clear-cut data.

QuickCOM desktop solutions


The QuickCOM solution also runs on employees’ desktops, so remote workers can work with this data, too.

QuickCOM allows us to collect data in a source-independent way and display it in a simple manner, so people are able and willing to work with it anytime, anywhere.


The knowledge and insights generated by QuickCOM require context, which is exactly what VitalCAST provides. Basically, VitalCAST ‘packages’ messages in an appealing, relevant way — for example, by adding a video or scheduling message at the right date and time.

In addition to displaying contextual business information in real time, VitalCAST prepares employees for how to act. How? By sharing information that helps them anticipate events yet to occur.


Did something go wrong yesterday at four o’clock, and would you like to perform an analysis based on the incoming calls and agents who were available? ODIN allows you to make a snapshot of a particular moment in time. The resulting report provides insight into the situation. It contains all the information we showed at a specific moment — and you can view it in retrospect, using it as input for future strategies and schedules.

How we make it work for you

Our specific solutions are building blocks that help us achieve our purpose. But our services are truly distinctive to Texas Digital. We don’t leave you to your own devices: in addition to implementing our solutions, we organize business workshops and creative workshops to help you make the most of the technology. That is how we make it work for you.

Our customers operate in a range of industries: from aviation, hospitality, and transportation to banking, finance, and telecom.

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