The NCR Quickcom Vitals Dashboard gives you a clear insight in the performance data of your organisation. It provides you with easily understandable graphs and charts so you can instantly see the current status of your departments. You can easily define the key indicators that will measure performance and success for various groups of employees. By doing so the NCR Quickcom Vitals Dashboard gives you an instant snapshot of your employees’ productivity. And with the NCR Quickcom Web-Based Dashboard you can receive this relevant information almost everywhere!

Key Benefits of NCR Quickcom Vitals Dashboard

– Up-to-the-second information helps to proactively identify problems and apply corrective measure
– Real-time data motivates employees and provides feedback to show how their actions affect immediate change
– Streamlines your data management
– Reduces expense and delays in managing performance data
– Drives continuous improvement
– Increases bottom line revenue





Do you need more knowledge on the NCR Quickcom Vitals Dashboard? Download our brochure for more elaborate information on the correct uses of the NCR Quickcom Vitals Dashboard or contact us for a demonstration.