Have you met ODIN ? The one eyed Norse god that walks among the people and gathers all worldly knowledge?

This inspired us. Who doesn’t want all their knowledge in one convenient central place? This is why we introduce ODIN!

ODIN collects data from multiple sources, like Avaya, Oracle, Cisco InIn, Nice, Verint, TCS and more.

ODIN can consolidate this data and present it in one powerful overview. All this with one, or even zero clicks of a button!

  • Create a new overview for every subgroup, using the same data. An efficient, customized total overview.
  • Odin works with the realtime signage of QuickCOM. ODIN gives you a complete historical perspective on the performance of your organization.
  • Who does not know Excel!? Easily draft graphs from your data, retrieved by ODIN, by using your familiar Excel-environment.

  • Odin can access your database through ODBC.
  • You can simply install Odin on your Windows server. You only need to have NET installed.
  • You can plan whenever Odin extracts the data from your database and hereby completely balance the load on the database .

For more information: Download our brochure