Finance and insurance

Finance. Penny wise, pound foolish

The problem

The main problem with financial products such as mortgages, loans, and funding is that they are so incredibly alike – at least, they appear to be in the consumer’s eye. The primary USP of these products is therefore not actually their substance. In essence, you are not selling money, but attention. This is a paradigm shift that Texas Digital takes into account. It is all about the service you offer your client, caller, or interested party. That personal touch can make or break the financial product. Attention costs time and time equals money. Texas Digital’s systems ensure that your clients get the time they deserve. The system flawlessly categorises brief and lengthy client conversations. This leads to satisfied clients as well as more effective and efficient employees.

The solution

Texas Digital avoids bottlenecks in processes by making them visible and presenting alternative solutions. They make your systems accessible in real time for employees and management. Your systems become means with which to realise optimal internal communication. Errors are avoided, waiting times are reduced, and processes are optimised.


Amongst other programs, Texas Digital uses QuickCOM to make your data accessible and meaningful. After all, that is why you collect them in the first place. By combining this solution with VitalCAST Dynamic Signage, we add context and branding. This leads to more knowledge and insight on the work floor. Problems that you used to leave until tomorrow can now be solved today.


We collaborate with national and international market leaders such as banks, insurance companies, mortgage providers, and financing companies. We would be happy to send you an overview of our clientele at your request.



Texas Digital’s real-time system is comparable to the cockpit of a major airplane that consists of millions of components. In turn, these are housed in many different compartments that the pilot can monitor. This results in interaction between the pilot and his subsystems. Just like with an airplane, we can examine the functionality of each compartment individually. Within each compartment, you identify your system’s critical factors and consolidate data at a visible and optimally insightful level. Complex processes are presented to you in a simplified and easy-to-understand manner. You remain the pilot of your system and are in complete control; the manager who directs people, products, and systems in real time. This leads to optimal communication and interaction between you, your team and your processes. The system notifies you of any crucial interruptions in a timely manner, so as to minimise their impact or prevent them altogether. Your work processes continue as usual – always! In short: we provide real-time communication between computer operations staff, help desk personnel, and end users at any time.


If you would like to know what Texas Digital can do for you and your organisation, you can schedule an appointment for a quickscan. This process usually only takes half a day. We are happy to help. You can find our contact information on this website in the “Contact” section.

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