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Happy employees, happy customers: fostering vitality and energy

Happy employees perform better. If you think about this statement, it’s so logical that mentioning it seems superfluous. Unfortunately, it’s highly necessary to do so. Today, major companies are still hard at work to create a healthy organizational culture that allows their people to thrive. Usually, ‘vitality’ and ‘energy’ are keywords in their endeavors. Because …

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How to retain highly skilled contact center employees

Recently, we visited a number of European countries, repeatedly encountering one common question: How do we retain highly skilled customer contact center employees? A fair thing to ask, as several media have reported that it’s getting increasingly difficult to have these much sought-after talents commit to your company. They are always on the lookout, tempted to leave once a better opportunity shows up. This emanates from the sad-but-true fact that working in an customer contact center has lost its allure over time.

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