Think green, work remotely: Corporate Social Responsibility during and after the pandemic

Think green, work remotely: Corporate Social Responsibility during and after the pandemic

At a societal scale, we’re at the dawn of a new way of working. Terms such as ‘hybrid’ and ‘remote’ have found their way into board level meetings and media outlets alike. Most companies want to let go of traditional ways of working that require all employees to be in the office for 40 hours a week. But some are still hesitant to take the leap because it requires an organizational overhaul. “Is it worth the trouble?” they ask. We’re here to tell you it is — for a variety of reasons.

Remote working and the environment

As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, a higher degree of flexibility increases employee and customer satisfaction — which will help maximize productivity and foster growth. But there’s another crucial benefit to remote working: it’s good for the environment.

At Texas Digital, remote working is nothing new. In the past decade, we have reaped the benefits of mainly operating from our home offices. Besides the fact that our work-life balance is great, we’ve noticed that we drive significantly less. One of us has even sold his second car, simply because he barely ever used it. So, by working from home, we have reduced our CO2 footprint.

Now that COVID-19 cases are spiking again in some countries, remote working is highly preferable, if not required (depending on where you are). As early as in March 2020, we’ve seen the effects of such measures: pollution and greenhouse gas emissions had fallen across the globe.

It’s a good reason to consider remote working outside of the context of the pandemic. What if, in our post-COVID-19 world, we reduce commuting by at least 50%? Not only will your employees be happier and more productive, but you’ll also contribute your bit to a better world — which, in turn, makes for an even more motivated workforce. For if you believe in something, your employees will, too.

Time to create an inclusive work experience!

Such Corporate Social Responsibility efforts will, of course, require you to implement remote working correctly. The right technology and information sharing strategy will help you create an inclusive work experience.

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