Visual Management and a Happy Octopus?

Please pay attention if you would like to know what connects Visual Management with an autonomous and happy octopus.

Organizations can choose from a myriad of systems and tools to help manage and optimize the way service environments operate. But despite the ever-increasing deployment of technology in this space, meeting the key metrics determining efficiency and quality is an ongoing struggle. The continuously high pressure resulting from that has serious consequences for all stakeholders.

Service agents typically operate in a very demanding environment in terms of volatility, variety of tasks, time pressure, multiple systems to operate and with conversation sentiment often being negative. As a result, stress levels are high, causing consistently high sick rates and employee turnover. This is not only costing organizations a lot of money and resources, but it also causes a continued knowledge drain and negatively impacts your reputation as an employer.

Throwing more tools at it with the aim to optimize specific processes or elements thereof does not appear to be the holy grail. Why? Well, one of the main issues often being overlooked is the importance of the human factor. Or more precise, the inability to provide the right real-time metrics and contextual information in these complex and strenuous environments to service agents to help them operate in an autonomous and empowered way.

In a way, these agents are like an octopus trying to check the environment with its arms to help take the best possible decisions at any given time. A metric that stands out when needed, an important message that gets pushed to certain teams or a graph depicting consolidated information from multiple sources. Either on a wallboard or on the desktop. These are just some examples of how a holistic Visual Management strategy can be instrumental to help relieve pressure and enhance the employee experience.

Texas Digital are the experts in this field since more than 30 years. It is our mission to allow people to be the octopus that is in full control and therefore always able to set the right priorities and perform in the best possible way while navigating through the day.

So, if you want to learn about how to unlock the full power of Visual Management for your organization, come and visit us at the Call Center World event from February 27-29 in the Estrel Congress Center in Berlin. You can find us in Hall 3, booth A1.

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