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VitalCAST: Transparency on any visual medium.

Sometimes, the presentation of information is even more important than the information itself. Any way you slice it, the human mind absorbs images more easily than dry data. VitalCAST displays relevant information on virtually any visual medium. Plasma, LCD, rear projector: you name it, and it’s likely possible. With VitalCAST, you can control inconceivable amounts of screens. The context becomes clear. Your people can use actionable information to make the right decisions. It’s even possible to anticipate (the performance of) tasks. Is the network down? VitalCAST continues to work. You really can’t do without it.

  • Effective for marketing, communication, and sales purposes, call centers, and many other things
  • All types of data can be added to the board: RSS feeds, live TV, company messages, menu items, best practice videos, and so on
  • Schedule your content by the minute, hour, day, week, month, or year
  • Control inconceivable amounts of screens
  • Hardware players work independently of the network (in case it goes down)
  • Shows contextual business information by ‘packaging’ messages in an appealing, relevant way — and such information can help employees anticipate events that have yet to occur

Why VitalCAST? Visual communication at its best

The knowledge and insights QuickCOM generates are put into useful context in the form of VitalCAST. This tool, which is indispensable to the organization, ‘packages’ information to present it in a visually appealing way — in the form of plasma or LCD screens, rear projectors, or other types of screens, depending on the needs of each department and workplace. The compilation can be tailored to meet your unique communication needs. So, VitalCAST is an effective tool for the marketing, sales, and communications departments and for call centers. The screen is multifunctional, because it can display all kinds of data. Examples include RSS feeds, live TV, company bulletins, menu items in (fast food) restaurants, best practice videos, or signage in amusement parks and on airports. Thanks to VitalCAST, you can schedule the content of the screens by the minute, hour, day, week, month, and even year. This information enables your employees to anticipate future events, thanks to the availability of contextual business information that is ‘packaged’ in a visually appealing, relevant way. Another benefit is that the various information media work independently of a network, which is a major advantage should the network break down. This makes VitalCAST an important information factor for maximum continuity in information provision and business processes.

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