Why and how to keep your employees happy

Why and how to keep your employees happy

Texas Digital recently attended Club Kongress 2021, an event that was perfectly organized by Udo Schüring. At the congress, which was all about customer contact, we also organized a session in which we explained our philosophy of self-management.

A crucial takeaway from the congress: to ensure customers are happy and send invoices that make you happy, you should keep your employees… well, happy. With so much joy in one sentence, let’s have a closer look at the concept of happiness. What is the most crucial ingredient for fulfillment?

The importance of happiness in tech-savvy times

Jeffrey Weinberg, a famous Dutch psychologist, recently wrote that having control over our own lives is 40% decisive for our experience of happiness. This statistic corroborates the point we tried to make during our session at the German congress: the more empowered employees are to make their own decisions, the happier they will be.

In this day and age, that’s more important than ever. As Rainer Holler (CEO at Vier) shared during his session at the congress, Artificial Intelligence has a 6% conversion rate in call centers — so it’s the symbiosis of AI and humans that yields results.

That means you need to focus on the human experience. If you keep employees happy, you’ll have a more loyal workforce that will go the extra mile for your organization and customers. You’ll benefit from increased employee and customer satisfaction — and, ultimately, invoices that make you smile.

The right data at the right time: empower your employees

To ensure employees can make independent, well-informed decisions on the work floor, you should adopt a data-driven approach. Provide them with actionable, real-time information — not on a one-off basis, but constantly. Visualize this data in a clear, concise way, so they can absorb it right away and take control of any situation!

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