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QuickCOM collects vital information from Aspect, Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Nortel, Interactive Intelligence (CIC) and more.
QuickCOM collects vital information from HP Service Desk, Heat, BMC Remedy, Microsoft Dynamics and more.
QuickCOM collects vital information for your Command Center from systems such as BMC Patrol, Solar Winds, HP Openview and more.
VitalCAST is your corporate communications solution in dynamic digital signage. VitalCAST collects vital information from RSS feeds, websites, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Powerpoint and from different image files, video/animation files and video outputs.

With QuickCOM, you can get:

  • Number of calls in queue in your Contact Center
  • Average answer speed
  • Average call length
  • Number of agents available
  • Oldest pending call
  • Number of abandoned calls
  • Consolidated data monitoring
  • Advanced event monitoring

With QuickCOM, you can:

  • Monitor problem- or trouble-ticket status
  • Identify critical system statistics
  • Stay on top of the total number of calls in queue
  • Track the average call length
  • Decrease abandoned calls

With QuickCOM, you can:

  • Identify critical system statistics
  • Consolidate data monitoring
  • Provide advanced network and event monitoring
  • Communicate information in real time

With VitalCAST, you can:

  • Display marketing/advertising messages
  • Manage employee communications
  • Provide visitor/guest Information
  • Display wayfinding images
  • Show weather and emergency alerts
  • Display digital menu/concession boards

And, QuickCOM:

  • Is compatible with most ACDs
  • Supports networked contact centers
  • Provides single or multiple administrator access
  • Combines information from multiple queues for totals and averages
  • Communicates scheduled or threshold-triggered motivational messages

And, QuickCOM:

  • Supports inputs from multiple host systems and any ODBC database
  • Integrates with most major Help Desk software packages

And, QuickCOM:

  • Integrates with most mainframe operating systems as well as network monitoring, enterprise management and automation packages
  • Provides real-time communication between computer operations staff, command center personnel and end users

And, VitalCAST:

  • Is a scalable corporate communications platform that allows you to manage displays in multiple locations all over the world, from one central workstation
  • Requires no in-depth assistance from your IT department
As Contact Center Manager, QuickCOM will provide you real-time fact based insight and an excellent visual communication tool that will stimulate self management of your Contact Center employees.
As IT Manager of your Help Desk, QuickCOM will help you to check the overall availability of your help desk, monitor your system status and provide you with real-time information about technical issues, which allows for quick and simple problemsolving.
As Manager of your Command Center, QuickCOM will allow you to collect all the relevant information from different systems and display only the adequate and relevant information. You can use powerful visualizations in your Command Center that can be customized as you prefer, in real-time. Regardless of the source of the information.
As Manager Corporate Communications, VitalCAST will give you the means to manage both your external and internal corporate communications channels. It allows you to display attention-grabbing content that commands attention, whether you would use it in your store, restaurant, cinema or zoo. With VitalCAST you will be able to excite, inform and motivate your customers..