ODIN: Business Intelligence for everyone

Here’s the disadvantage of historical data: once it’s presented — often in an unappealing way — you usually find yourself in a ‘too little, too late’ situation. To prevent this, Texas Digital Systems Europe developed ‘ODIN,’ a ‘lightweight’ form of Business Intelligence. BI usually involves quite ‘heavy’ programs that require a specialized professional’s vast amount of knowledge. If you use ODIN, you don’t need such knowledge, as the system largely takes care of BI processes. Additionally, the user can work with familiar Excel templates and let ODIN handle the data component of things. The user receives reports in familiar Excel files, whether or not in the form of an email message or a network share. Anyone who knows Excel can also work effortlessly with ODIN. The layouts are easily customizable. You only need to program once. After that, clear insights flow from the relevant workstation time and again. Are you not happy with the result? Make adjustments in MS Excel, upload the result to ODIN, and share it. ODIN is a ‘lightweight’ tool that generates rock-solid reports, and its performance is great and clear. The data it provides is topical, historically justified, and extrapolated to the future. Data integrity is ensured through controlled IT information management. A ‘lightweight’ BI tool, ODIN is very efficient, and it’s an important tool for users, who can count on the familiar Outlook-like planning and distribution interface.

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