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QuickCOM at a glance: real-time, relevant, actionable information

To grow an organization, it’s paramount that you can access the right information at all times. Are we stating the obvious? Perhaps. But that doesn’t make it less true. Wherever information is missing, supply channels are blocked, people lose overview, and communication between the work floor and management wanes. Texas Digital Systems’ QuickCOM puts a firm end to that by transforming a lot of information into bite-sized chunks at every level. QuickCOM contains all the components required to provide system users with accurate, reliable, business-critical information. That way, it can improve performance and create growth opportunities. QuickCOM collects information, aggregates it, and displays the results in real time — accurate to the second. This increases employee satisfaction and therefore customer satisfaction, thus improving profits. The explosion of data is displayed on desktops or flat screens.

The value of information

QuickCOM’s great strength is its ability to extract data in an intelligent way, which helps avoid a huge mess of data. The information ends up where people need it and redundant data is omitted. This leads to appropriate, fast decision-making at any preselected level. QuickCOM collects information from numerous data sources, but presents it in one clear overview. It configures vital data and makes it presentable, enabling you to respond to it without requiring programming. That saves a lot of time and costs. So, QuickCOM comprises a useful, well-organized toolkit for its users in the form of visually appealing overviews.

Three steps

The results of QuickCOM don’t appear out of the blue. Comprehensive, accurate choices regarding data sources are made first. To this end, QuickCOM connects to preselected data sources. The system then defines and manages the right KPIs. The result is incorporated into state-of-the-art dashboards that instantly display all relevant data. One great benefit is that this data is displayed in accordance with the organization’s corporate identity, thus reinforcing the user’s connection with the company.

Real-time information on the boards

A powerful advantage of QuickCOM compared to badge processing is that it provides real-time information. After all, many organizations fail due to a lack of topical data. If you use QuickCOM, that won’t happen to you. As we’ve explained above, the information is a representation of preselected relevant data sources and KPIs that can be read off information boards, as well as the desktops and tablets of staff members, external employees, and small teams. That is how QuickCOM transforms — up to thousands of — data into insights that lead to the right actions. And it’s all powered by vital KPIs that are visualized on large screens, desktops, and tablets in an extracted form. Added perks for the brand manager and the HRM officer: it can be tailored to your corporate identity, and resizing is possible.

In summary, besides simplifying work, QuickCOM increases employee satisfaction and, therefore, customer satisfaction. The results: you’ll benefit from growth and improve the operating result, which will make the lives of everyone in the organization better!

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