Hospitality. The art of seduction

The problem

Management teams of amusement parks, cinemas, hotels, restaurants, and food chains only have one concern: getting consumers to spend as much money as possible. That is only possible if they know what, when, and where a consumer wants to spend. To find that out, you have to understand how the human mind works. The only way to do that is by using relevant data that entice consumers to spend more. It largely comes down to the routing of consumers, but that can be influenced to ensure that consumers are confronted with the offer you intended at the time you desire. This is the epitome of positive seduction!

The solution

Texas Digital makes it possible to launch the right offer at the right time, e.g. in line at a concession stand or in a restaurant. Consumers can read about the deals you are offering on constantly changing displays. They may want a cup of coffee, but you also have a range of delicious snacks that catch their eye. This results in more revenue. You can also entice consumers with beautiful and delicious combo deals they can hardly resist. You can reduce or increase wait times, depending on your available personnel. There is more: your organisation can also make offers specifically tailored to people who eat halal or kosher food or offers that are only valid in some countries. For example, the so-called “kroket” and the “Croque Mc Do” are tremendously popular in the Netherlands and France respectively. Some food chains have added these products to their menu, but only in certain countries.


Texas Digital offers a wide range of digital and physical instruments and possibilities for the hospitality sector. Think of e.g. pricing and announcements via multimedia, displays with consumer information and extracted information for upper management and the people on the work floor (using e.g. VitalCAST Dynamic Signage). All this is reliably available in real time.

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