Can you find fun and meaning in coding?

Time for another happy employee: can you find fun and meaning in coding?

In our blog posts, we regularly reiterate that happy employees make for happy customers. If you provide people with the right information at the right time, you’ll enable them to make independent decisions. That’s what will make them love their jobs and go the extra mile for customers—who, in turn, will be more satisfied. It’s a win-win situation. And it all starts with providing actionable, real-time data. All the time. To everyone who needs it.

Now, we’re not coming up with this stuff from our ivory tower. We know that it works because it’s been our philosophy from the get-go. At Texas Digital, we practice what we preach. Are you a coding genius and do you want to be part of our tight-knit team (or do you know someone who’d be a great fit)? Good news: we’re looking for a full-stack developer.

Wanted: grade-A coding genius and problem solver

The latest asset to our team should not just be tech-savvy but live and breathe all things technology. Programming is in your DNA. With the software you’ll create, our clients’ processes will continue to go smoothly. Your creations will help call centers, airports, and restaurants alike to operate the way they should.

You’re a skilled, flexible problem solver. And you can translate tedious tech talk into a simple explanation. You’re allergic to buzz words and can make computer lingo sound fun — so much so that users enjoy working with our solutions.

Be creative in an autonomous way

If you join Texas Digital, you’ll be close to the source (code) for 32-40 hours a week. (And you’ll have to get used to puns like these because we’ve got so many.) Short communication lines ensure you can be creative in a very autonomous way.

You’ll mostly work from home — so, no commuting time. We know you’ve got better things to do than being stuck in traffic. Every other week, you can temporarily shut off your double 4K screen and top-notch PC, get up from your first-class desk and chair, and head to our headquarters for a well-deserved beer. We also think it’s important to catch up, unwind, and relax together.

Want to know more?

Read the full job description (in Dutch — we’re looking for a bilingual coding wonder) and shoot us a message. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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