‘To share or not to share:’ how to make contact center agents perform better

Want to make your contact center agents perform better? Start by providing them with the right information. To do so, you’ll need to distinguish between information agents can and can’t influence. Now, we don’t want to get all Shakespearean, but – To share or not to share: that is the question. Allow us to give you a push in the right direction! Your keyword: ‘actionable’…


How to visualize heat maps

Remember the good old days when we were kids and wrote with ink? If we worked really hard and got a good grade, our math test was brightened up with a nice little stamp. The second time, we’d get a picture. And with the third straight A, we were in for a treat: we were allowed to write with colored ink. Now, what does this…


Why all employees must be aware of their contribution

‘How can we improve our organization?’ It’s a question nearly all companies ask. The answer is simple: you need to provide employees with the right information, so they can act upon it swiftly. How to go about it? Facilitating visualization on 3 levels To be committed to their tasks, all employees must be aware of their contribution to the organization’s overall performance, so they know…


Happy new year: preview of 2019

It’s 2019, and despite the cold, we’ve put on our sunglasses to face the bright year that awaits us. What will the next 12 months bring? Time for a preview! Smart business combinations First and foremost, we’d like to double down on our philosophy that our customer’s wishes are leading in terms of product development. Furthermore, we will work on process optimization and a deeper…


2018 recap and Merry Christmas!

With the imminent holidays, we would like to take a moment to look back on the past year. A lot has happened at Texas Digital. Time for a short-but-sweet recap! From picture to video For Texas Digital, 2018 has been marked by productiveness and proactiveness. We celebrated our 15-year anniversary with a brand-new website. Also, we doubled down on our philosophy that one picture says…


NPS + customer’s voice = customer experience

You will undoubtedly be familiar with the Net Promoter Score (NPS), the most essential tool organizations use to measure customer experience. However, a crucial yet often forgotten aspect is the customer’s voice. Data analysts tend to get bogged down in statistics, losing sight of that all-important other component: the qualitative side of things. What do customers say about your company on forums and in emails?…


To accelerate fast, you have to start slowly

‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ You must have heard this old adage a million times, and Visual Management once again proves that it holds truth. When you just get started with Visual Management, you’re entering a territory you’ve yet to explore, and your employees still need to get used to it. Therefore, it’s paramount…


What you (don’t) see is what you (don’t) get

Data seems to be multiplying, and it gets increasingly difficult to not lose sight of the overall picture. With the growing data forest, it is tempting to share all information available. But that’s a pitfall you should avoid. Because the more you overwhelm people with data, the bigger the chance you won’t get them on board with whatever you’re trying to achieve. They’ll get entangled…


Visual Management: 15 year-anniversary, new website

2018 is a special year for Texas Digital. On the 4th of July – that’s right, on Independence Day! – we celebrated our 15-year anniversary. The icing on the party cake: our brand-new, recently launched website. Let us take you on a quick trip down memory lane and provide a glimpse into the future, which we believe will be defined by one term: Visual Management.…


Airlines: love is in the air

Plane tickets: today, they have become more than common among consumers. But the pressure on airline companies is bigger than ever. A lot can go wrong – from technology-based delays to hurricane-induced cancellations. And whenever small- or large-scale disasters occur, customers grab their cell phones to talk about it – not to a robot, but to someone of the flesh-and-blood kind. In such cases, the…