From pain to gain: solve issues before they occur

Wherever output and service levels are measured, you will find an organized department that needs to guide the entire process in the right direction. It may be any organization’s contact center, but it can also be a logistics company’s warehouse or distribution center. The important thing is to know where you stand at all times. How to go about it?

See the pain, then soothe it!

Let’s immerse ourselves in the world of logistics for a moment. Say, your company needs to align two processes that take place in different systems and departments, but occur simultaneously: logistics planning in the warehouse and invoicing in your ERP system. Around four p.m., all trucks leave the warehouse. To invoice correctly and get revenue recognized, it’s crucial to know whether everything has gone as planned. If there are any deviations, these must be recognized in a timely manner, so you don’t book them under the ‘turnover tab.’ Now, let’s take this one step further. What if you could know where you stand at all times, so you’d be able to correct imminent errors and solve issues before they’ve had an impact on invoicing?

It’s definitely feasible. The problem is, many logistics companies’ core systems lag behind. Stemming from a time in which people still expected their shipment to arrive one week after ordering it (as opposed to today’s one-day delivery services), they don’t meet the requirements of modern-day Lean ways of working. Yet, these are paramount, as they complement the disclosing of legacy all the way to the cloud. It’s a shooting pain that hits your processes and revenues right in the core. And it sure hurts. Because what could you possibly do to know the status quo of your warehouse in a snap?

We’re going to make this short and sweet: all you need is Visual Management. When using a digital notification board, you can easily visualize the current status using color codes. A red dot means it’s not going well: you’re feeling the pain. Orange is an alert: time to take action! And green stands for an issue-free situation: your much-coveted ‘gain’.

Ready to color up your department?

Curious how red, orange, and (lots of) green can improve your ways of working? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to perform a Quick Scan and discuss your Visual Management opportunities.

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