Go from blank screens to blink-of-an-eye overviews

Get, go, goal: the right strategy to go from blank screens to blink-of-an-eye overviews

In our last blog post, we discussed the necessity of draining the ocean of data. Only if you distill and share actionable, topical information, you’ll allow your employees to make independent decisions on the work floor. It’s a bit like soccer: you need to get the right information (how to maneuver through the field), go toward the goal (make the decision and run), and score the goal (win the game).

Diving into data lakes: the right approach

Data lakes seem bottomless. So diving into them to distill the right information seems like a ‘needle-in-a-haystack’ task — especially if you realize that a mere 10% of this data is usable. How to unearth that 10%?

Enter Texas Digital’s business workshop. When working with our customers on an information sharing strategy, we start by defining the problem people on the work floor contend with. What stops them from efficiently doing their jobs? Which real-time data do they need to improve their productivity and decision-making processes?

Time and again, it’s surprising how much employees’ answers vary. They work in one environment, use the same tooling, and talk to the same group of customers — yet, their thoughts on how to improve usually differ greatly. And it’s those differences that are interesting, as they lead to fruitful discussions about what information you can best communicate to employees. People defend their stances and listen to each other.

Ultimately, this results in a clear-cut list of six to eight pieces of information employees require to be happier and more successful in their jobs. They’ve agreed on these points, so moving forward, they’re on the same page.

Then, it’s a matter of collecting the data discussed and sharing it in a visually appealing way. And that’s how Texas Digital’s business workshops help organizations go from blank screens to blink-of-an-eye overviews!

The value of evaluation

Incidentally, the Visual Management process doesn’t stop when the workshop ends. Continuous improvement is a prerequisite for keeping up efficiency and helping your organization thrive. So after the workshop, we create an improvement board where we collect people’s thoughts and ideas. Six months later, we evaluate the situation with our customer, discussing what works and what doesn’t so we can adjust where necessary.

Want to explore your Visual Management opportunities? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to perform a Quick Scan and discuss your information sharing strategy.

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