Will remote working be part of your post-pandemic strategy?

Will remote working be part of your post-pandemic strategy?

The world has changed. In recent months, most people have worked from home. But what started out of necessity has come with unexpected benefits, which are definitely worth exploring from a business point of view. What are the outcomes of remote working, and what do people need to work optimally from the comfort of their own home?

Remote working is here to stay

A German study conducted by CCV among 175 participants in June 2020 provides interesting insights. At the start of the pandemic, nearly 90% of employees at 39% of the companies worked from home. But by early July, things had changed: at 72% of call and contact centers, 70% of employees worked remotely. And the home office seems to be here to stay: 28% have set up a permanent home office, 12% will switch workplaces every week, and only 5% will fully return to the office. Here’s why: the home office indirectly affects performances and key figures. 29% of participants felt that their productivity increased, and 46% said absenteeism decreased demonstrably.

Another German study, which was conducted by DDV (Deutscher Dialogmarketing Verband e.V.) and published in August 2020 , also shows that absenteeism dropped, while productivity and the work/life balance improved. On top of that, in March/April 2020, customer satisfaction increased by 61% among employees working remotely.

New way of working, new strategy

As the benefits of remote working are obvious, organizations are thinking of ways to incorporate it into their post-COVID-19 strategy. For example, one of our U.S.-based clients, CNO Financial Group, is rethinking its future office footprint due to COVID-19. The insurer is considering a reduction of up to 50%.

Briefly put, remote working is here to stay. If you want to keep up with the times and help employees thrive in their home offices, you need to facilitate this new way of working. How? By providing them with the right information. You should make sure they see an integral, cross-silo picture on their desktops. Only then, they’ll have the actionable insights they require to make the right decisions when working from home!

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